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a billion lives, a million worlds, countless battles fought throughout eternity

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This community is deticated to WAR. Both real and fictional, in any time, or place.

most likley this will turn into a warhammer 40k community, but world war 2, the Great War (ww1) desert storm, and iraqi freedom, vietnam, the civil war will be discussed. Also wars fought hand to hand, a-la the wars fought in feudal japan, ancient rome, and in midieval times

War is an amazing thing, it unites a country as nothing else can, endless resources are spent making countless weapons, planes, tanks, bombs, billions of bullets, grenades, exploseives, unimaginable numbers of soldires marching to fight in battles across the world, preparing to fight and die for their country they so love.

bassically, WAR KICKS ASS!!!

Dont get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for thoes who have given their lives in any battle, as well to thoes who have fought and survived.

Just because you dont believe in a war ,dosent mea you should not believe in your soldiers.